Stop Trying To Do It All

I do a lot of things.

I have had an insane trajectory in my corporate job from Associate software Engineer to Managing Director and Engagement Manager in ten years.

I balance work and life as a single momma while pouring into my passion project with my health and wellness business.

I can honestly say that I do more in a day that a majority of people and love it. You can follow along at @hackingtheworkingmom to see what chaos is occurring today. Some of it is my personality and some of it is an unwillingness to live a mediocre life. Mediocre is defined by me and my mediocre might not be the same as yours. That’s the point.

“Stop trying to do it all” is the basics of how I live my life and continue to learn and grow. I intentionally pick what is important to me and don’t believe that life happens to me but that I charter my path. I hope you find it makes you pause and evaluate what you want in life and how to get there.

Download it at the button above learn how to stop trying to do it all!

Published by Hackingtheworkingmom

Helping moms find joy in chaos. Instagram: @hackingtheworkingmom

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