Amazon finds for the week of 7.12.2020

All things home and kids this month!

Eli is back in daycare and needed lunch boxes: Bento boxes (linked here) and the actual lunch box (linked here). I went through some of the Bento boxes that I have had in the past and decided to try a new one that was at a better price point. I have loved them! I have been using them five days a week (I have three total). The middle insert is dishwasher safe and the outside is a quick hand wash (trust me, I don’t do non dishwasher things).

The lunch box is too cute! It didn’t cost any more to personalize it and put his name on it. Originally I didn’t want to do his full name so no one would know it in passing for safety reasons, but since you have to put their name on everything for daycare anyway, I wish I had done his full name.

Our blinds are supposed to be in for the house any day! I will take you through our process of blind buying in another blog post! I quoted quite a few and can’t wait for them to come in. The Wink (linked here) is a piece of technology that connects to things through ZWave or bluetooth, like lights, blinds, etc and allows you to control them! I am thrilled out this hooking into some of my blinds.

I redid my kitchen knobs and pulls on the cabinets and loved it so much that I wanted to use the same ones in my master bathroom. I need to find the time to actually put them on! The 5″ pulls in matte black (linked here) are incredible, easy to install, and look phenomenal. I am trying the cabinet pulls as well for my bathroom (linked here).

I have two new additions to my office setup this week as well. I was tired of my mouse pad sliding all around and saw another office that had a larger desk pad instead of something just for the mouse! I love the purple one (pinkish) that I got (linked here)! I also wear keyboards down quickly…. They rarely last a year without the letters being unreadable. It was time for a new one and I wanted something streamlined so it would fit my office, but wasn’t expensive. I went with this one!

Shop everything by clicking the image below (powered by LikeToKnow.It)!

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