Chicken chili and “1 minute” quinoa

Instapot use #2 and #3 yesterday.

The first thing was quinoa. And I was pretty excited because it said it cooks for ONE MINUTE. Quinoa is one of the only grains I eat on the regular so that sounded incredible. Little did I know, it takes a few minutes to heat the instapot and then after the one minute, you let it sit to “naturally” let the steam out for ten minutes. Not quite one minute quinoa, but I was able to prep the rest while it cooked.

I chopped up tomatoes, yellow pepper and cucumber and added it to the cooked quinoa (from the instapot cookbook) and it was delicious! I paired it with the barbacoa meat that I made the night before for a pretty delicious lunch!

For dinner, I made the following chicken chili. This was much more successful from a saving time standpoint. Typically with a chicken chili, I cook the chicken, add the rest and then get it nice and warm.

Taco chicken chili

This called for a sauté of the onion but then everything else just gets thrown in. I was hesitant on throwing in the bean juice, but I listened. This is so good. I will make it again and again! I used Whole Foods brand of ingredients because I ordered them for 2 hour delivery through Amazon Prime in Nashville, which is a life saver.

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