Meals for the week of Aug 26th

The plan for this week is easy! My mom heads home tomorrow and it’s going to be my husband, me (three days post knee surgery with my leg in a straight brace), and our two year old.  Our Hungry Harvest options included spaghetti squash this week.  Since those can get kinda pricy, I went ahead and got three of them!  Below are the options I chose from Hungry Harvest this week. It’s an incredible way to help reduce food waste and save money on produce. They have organic options too if you are looking for that!

Hungry Harvest

We have been using Hungry Harvest for a couple of months now. We are able to plan our meals around the produce we get and it allows us to have most of what we need delivered to our door each Saturday!

Here is the order that we received this week – item on the left and quantity on the right! We are set for the week including fruit and carrots to snack on for less than $35 ($34.95 to be exact)!  I customize what we get each week so there is a $1.50 upcharge included in mine.

Hungry Harvest

Meals by day


Bolognese over spaghetti squash noodles

This recipe comes from the Practical Paleo recipe book that we love!  We cook at least two or three things from this every week.


Chicken Apple Sweet Potato Skillet

We have had this one multiple times! This week, we have a lot of butternut squash left over from Hungry Harvest so we are going to use the squash instead of the sweet potatoes. Seriously, this is soo good! I know it’s a little bit of a fall dish, but we are getting close. And the bacon in it… 🙂


Taco bowls over quinoa

This one is not something that I have a recipe for.  We take ground chicken and cook it in a skillet and then add this sauce.  We cook some quinoa to serve it over and then top it with whatever we have on hand! This week, we will have cherry tomatoes, avocado and hopefully some queso fresco!


Honey Sriracha Meatballs with quinoa

Typing this, I realized that we have two quinoa meals right beside each other. So the order will probably change a little! Maybe Tuesday’s meal will be on Monday. But the concepts are still the same.


Dairy-free Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti squash noodles

This is another recipe from Practical Paleo.  It’s so good! We have done it in the past over carrot noodles as well.  You just use a potato peeler if you don’t have a vegetable spiralizer and get some thin ribbons. Saute those in a pan, and you have noodles!  Since we will have already roasted a spaghetti squash earlier in the week, we will have enough left overs to use for this meal too!


Loaded BBQ Sweet Potato Nachos

I CRAVE these! These are one of my favorites. The challenge is not burning my husband out with how much I love them.  There are two key ingredients.  I haven’t looked for substitutes but you need the Trader Joe’s Sriracha BBQ sauce and the Trader Joe’s sweet and spicy jalapenos. Trust me, they are worth the trip!

Happy eating! 🙂



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