Not the week I expected

To say this week hasn’t been as expected is the understatement of the last ten years.

Rewind with me to high school. It’s almost Thanksgiving break in my Junior year of high school. I’m excited about the upcoming show choir shows and enjoying the holidays with my family and friends. One evening playing video games with my boyfriend at the time (yes… now husband. Get all the squeals about high school sweethearts out :-P), I was sitting with my left leg bent and tucked under me. NEVER DO THIS! It’s horrible for your knees… When I pulled it out from under my leg, it caught and wouldn’t go back. My meniscus (Info here) had a lateral tear and had bucket handled. Google that one if you want to think about a painful feeling in your knee. It meant my leg was locked bent and I was unable to even think about straightening without pretty serious pain.

Fast forward to Monday of this week. I enjoyed a work day in the office with my crew as we are training on a new technology and my mom happened to be in town to help us get our house ready to sell! We walked over to the library with E after work and picked out some books and a movie. E wanted to watch the movie so I squatted down by the Xbox to put it in. When I began to stand up – it happened. The same thing I have feared since high school happened again. Silver lining, I knew exactly what it was. And it bucket handled again… Needless to say, the xbox and I are not on friendly terms after it has been the common link in two knee surgeries.

It’s been a long three days with an always present and nagging pain in my knee. I was unable to engage the muscles in my leg without substantial pain so my mom or husband had to lift my leg by the calf instead. Post surgery, I have a bit of a road ahead of me but can very happily report that I can move a sore leg and engage my muscles without closing my eyes and rolling them back in my head. I’ll take the progress.

Shout out to my husband and mom for still managing to get the house clean to have pictures taken to get our house on the market, preparing meals, watching our 2 year old son and waiting on me hand and foot. I even have some beautiful flowers on the counter from my job.

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