Making banana pancakes

Saturday morning is getting groceries and Chocolate milk from the Starbucks inside Target. It’s “basic bitch” stuff, but it means we have food for the week and E is happy running through Target.

Sunday for the last year, often means pancakes. E loves them and I know he got that from me. I can eat more pancakes than someone four times my size.

Fast forward to now… we are being healthy. My typically white flour delicious pancakes don’t fit into that on a weekly basis. With these pancakes, I actually don’t miss the other ones. I love the oats and bananas! The website alludes to there being a muffin version too.

I tried these this morning. A couple modifications – I couldn’t find my nutmeg… so I did 1 tsp total cinnamon without it. I didn’t have yogurt, so I used a cup of applesauce. And of course, I added chocolate chips. I’m also way too lazy to hand mash bananas. I threw those into my ninja in half and it worked great.

This may or may not be my child drinking syrup… 🙄 in the middle of a messy kitchen in a house that goes on the market this month! Eekkk! Yes, that’s a towel under my dishwasher. The plumber comes Monday.

As for the syrup, I knew he would do it, so trust me, it’s not much.

Here’s the link to the pancakes. So yummy!

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