Is the Baby Foot peel really worth $25?

Maybe you have heard of this product? Maybe not. When I saw it for the first time, I thought there is no way I am doing that!!! But given six months of social distancing and I started to change my tune. I wasn’t going to get a pedicure so I needed to figure out how to have soft feet.

THIS THING IS THE BOMB! It’s not the cheapest but it leave my feet feeling better than any pedicure that I have ever had.

How does it work?

There are two bags in the product to put your feet it. You simply place one foot in each bag and find something to watch on Netflix for an hour! Do make sure that you get the product all over your feet – including the tops!

Watch over the next 1 – 2 weeks as your feel peel. And I mean PEEL! The instructions tell you not to pick at it, though it’s hard not to. You can get the product here on Amazon.

Is there a knock off that works too?

I wanted to take a short cut so I ordered one set off Amazon that was a 2 pack for $30. Not worth it… I set with my feet in those booties for an hour after what was at least two weeks of me forgetting to do it. It’s been two days and my feet haven’t started peeling at all.

Don’t look for another option. Stick with the tried and true!

UPDATE: I guess I spoke to soon. I did my workout with this new one barefoot on my rug and oh. my. goodness. My feet are PEEELING! WOO HOO!!! This knock off is doing just as good of a job. Give it at least four days to start peeling, which is fair because it says 1-2 weeks for all the peeling.

This is the other one I tried. You can get it here.

Target Christmas Decor, Jammies & More

Target was full of good options for Christmas and the holidays from the dollar section to Hearth & Hand. I grabbed items for my kitchen counter, mantle, and a few cozy things to bring joy for the holiday season. Click on any of the images to quickly see and shop the items pictured.

There were two coffee mugs that I picked up along with some pajamas! The long sleeve “Merry.” shirt and the classic Coca-Cola lounge wear is a must have! I don’t really want snow, but I did love the blue of this mug and the feeling of needing to be by a fireplace.

I spruced up my coffee corner with new coffee and sugar canisters on a holiday platter. The little black houses were from the dollar spot area. I already had the green vase with the white sunflower from a previous Target trip and they aren’t still in stock.

I am OBSESSED with this cookie platter and matching mug that traditions are built from! I can’t wait for this to be the normal item that we pull out each year as my currently four year old sets out cookies for Santa.

I setup my kitchen counter on my loved Pottery Barn pedestal for a more Christmassy look. I will probably still pepper in a little more red when we get past Thanksgiving. A good bit of this came from the Target dollar spot (wooden houses $5, paper tree $1, glass tree $3, tall green tree $3). The red and grey vase and filler are available online at Target.

Lastly, I started the setup for my mantle. I adore the stocking holder as it won’t fall over when the stocking are full since it’s a heavier piece and long. I am going to get a large piece of red artwork to go where the pinecone wreath is currently to add more height. The stockings are a Pottery Barn purchase that we have had for years.

That wraps up the Target haul! They have beautiful pieces to help you celebrate a time to enjoy family and be thankful for the things you have in your life! Our dog even loves Target Christmas pajamas.

Academy pullovers & hoodies under $50

As we go into the holidays, the deals are going to start rolling in! I will post what I see for gift guides as the deals are available and make sure to link it for easy shopping as they will go fast!

Academy has some “hot deals” going on right now with hoodies for the whole family! These are all under $50 and great gifts for your spouse or anyone else in your family! You can shop women’s here and men’s here.

Women’s under $50

I am eyeing the pink and green Adidas hoodies and the white and grey Columbia pull over!

Men’s under $50

These are a staple for any man in your life! I love the grey and green Columbia zip up.

Amazon Prime Day Picks

For good reason, everyone is digging through the Amazon Prime Day deals and looking for a steal.

Here are my top picks:

Dyson renewed v7 cordless vacuum

This vacuum is the best!!! It is easy to grab and there are multiple attachments you can get to be able to use it in your car or under your furniture!

Car seats & Travel System

Awesome brands and awesome deals!

Booster seats

I purchased the $75 one for my son who will be five next summer! This is an awesome deal and it converts from the high back to backless.

Toshiba Fire TV

Toys for a four year old

Car Cleaning Basics for Every Mom

It will happen eventually. It doesn’t matter if you don’t let the kid eat in the car or give them goldfish by throwing them over your shoulder. Your car is going to get messy. How do we minimize the damage?

I let my four year old eat in the car, but limit what he eats. There isn’t soup or shredded cheese being consumed. But every day when I pick him up from daycare, I bring a snack – goldfish, red bell peppers, gummies (on Fridays).

Last week, my four year old threw up in the car. Not just a little but the kind that I had to spend almost an hour getting it out of the nooks and crannies. Here are the bare necessities.

A good vacuum

Ideally, you have an outlet in your garage or close to your car outside. If this isn’t the case, you need a GOOD handheld vacuum.

Thankfully, I have both! Vacuums you plug in typically get better suction and therefore it takes less effort to get goldfish and other crumbs or dirt out of your car.

For a corded vacuum, I have the Shark DuoClean Lift-Away. This vacuum is incredible. I thought all corded vacuums were created equal until this. It glides well and is able to get up anything in it’s path. I pull this out every few times I clean the car for a good deep clean.

For a cordless vacuum, the Dyson V8 is perfect! It comes with attachments to make it a great size for the car and still works well on your floors. I have mine mounted on the wall in my laundry room so that I can grab it quickly when I need to clean up a mess in the kitchen as well. It’s light weight and high performing!

Seat protectors

I have never been as happy to have a good seat protector as this past weekends vomit episode. It caught some of the mess and was easy to clean. It has caught handfuls of goldfish crumbs and M&Ms that melted in the summer heat.

The one linked above has a small pouch with a mess netting at the bottom. I use it to collect trash and then take it inside whenever I remember and my hands aren’t already full.


This depends on the car you have. If your seats are leather, you can grab something basic like this. A pack of microfiber cloths will allow you to clean the leather gently.

If you have fabric seats, there is a similar option (linked here)!


If you figure this one out, let me know! I am still looking for a good deal on it.

August 30th Week Meals

If you haven’t checked out, you are missing out! It allows you to save recipes to your account and then place them on the calendar to plan out your week. The best part is that the recipes can be from anywhere and not only does it bring them into the site in a cute fashion, but it allows you to add them to a grocery list and then push what you want to the grocery store of your choice!!! GUYS!!! This allows you to just check out and go pick up your groceries. MIND BLOWN and so much time saved.

Here are our meals for this week:

You can click through these links below to see them on whisk!

Monday – Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole + Portabella Mushroom “ground beef”

We are working to have a meatless meal occasionally but are trying out the mushroom alternative. I will go light on the cheese on the enchiladas.

Tuesday – One pan Chicken, sweet potato, kale and craisins

I love a good salad with craisins. I eat the Taylor Farms Kale and Craisins salad almost every day for lunch. This adds goat cheese. It’s going to be so good!

Wednesday – One pan Balsamic Chicken and Veggies

This calls for chicken thighs, but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to cook them… I think it’s because I have never done it well. Chicken breasts, it is.

Thursday – Meatball taco bowls

Is it even possible to eat a version of taco bowls too often? We do it at least once a week. This calls for ground beef but we had a ton of red meat last week, so we are swapping it out for ground turkey or ground chicken.

Friday – Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and veggies

I’ll sub the soy sauce with coconut aminos and again, chicken thighs for breasts.

Butternut pasta with sausage and spinach

This one is GOOD! Per usual, we subbed a few things.

1. Frozen butternut squash

2. Sweet sausage instead of spicy

3. Banza noodles instead of wheat

It comes from Skinny Taste One & Done .



1 lb butternut squash frozen

10 ounces pasta of choice

11 ounces sweet Italian sausage

1 tbs whipped butter

1/4 c minced shallots

3 garlic cloves, minced

Fresh black pepper

2 c roughly chopped spinach

2 tbs Parmesan, plus some for serving

4 fresh sage leaves, thinly sliced


Microwave your squash per the instructions on the bag. Blend with 1/4 c water until smooth.

Cook pasta per instructions but reserve 1 c of pasta water. Drain the rest.

On medium heat, brown sausage – breaking it into little pieces as it cookes (4-5 minutes). Transfer to a plate.

Melt butter in medium-low in pan. Add shallots and garlic. Cook, stirring, until golden (5-6 minutes). Pour puréed butternut squash in and season with 1/4 tsp salt and pepper to taste. Stir in 3/4 of pasta water to thin. Add more if needed.

Stir in spinach, Parmesan and sage. Add cooked pasta and sausage. Stir until combined. Serve with extra cheese!

Meals for the week – August 9th

We have been in a rut but to take care of my body means fueling it with what it needs. That’s impossible without having the right food on hand.

I plan Monday through Thursday and stay flexible on the day we actually make it. Life happens!

All these are out of the skinny taste cookbook!


Creamy butternut pasta with spicy sausage and spinach


Turkey breast with sweet potatoes, green beans and gravy


Carne Asada Fries


Chicken Katsu with Sesame-Pineapple Slaw

NSale Workout Picks

I will always start with the disclaimer that you should never go into debt over any of this! Target has some good stuff (and Walmart) with workout clothes too. I got a killer workout top from Amazon for $16.

The Nordstrom sale is open to the top tier loyalty customers and things are already starting to sell out. Make sure that you keep an eye out for things to come back in stock though so people return what they don’t want to keep.

My favorites consist of a log of Ado and Zella leggings and top with a little Adidas thrown in. Shop the items below here or by clicking the image. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, just hold out until your access is open! Here is a link to the details on when it’s open and there is an image below. I’ll be shopping at the “Influencer” cardmember level and will update with things still in stock.

These are the top of my list. I have them in black and adore them!

Here are the rest of my picks!