Amazon favorites!

While sitting and waiting on a form to compile and crossing my fingers that it won’t have any errors…. I wanted to put together some of the things from Amazon that I love — either because they are a good deal, make our lives easier or it’s toy that E loves to play with. WhatContinue reading “Amazon favorites!”

Week of July 30th Meals

Here is the run down on what we have planned for the week!  A lot of these are from the cookbook Practical Paleo from Amazon.  We have the paperback version. It’s a thick paperback and will hold up well!  There is also an extra $1.40 coupon on Amazon for it currently. Sunday – Italian style StuffedContinue reading “Week of July 30th Meals”

Chicken chili

Lately, we have been pretty successful in having homemade healthy and yummy food! This is due to a few different factors. The largest one being that my husband made it a priority for himself and has spent multiple evenings cooking some sort of delicious breakfast and putting it in the fridge for the week (pumpkinContinue reading “Chicken chili”