Stop Trying To Do It All

I do a lot of things. I have had an insane trajectory in my corporate job from Associate software Engineer to Managing Director and Engagement Manager in ten years. I balance work and life as a single momma while pouring into my passion project with my health and wellness business. I can honestly say thatContinue reading “Stop Trying To Do It All”

Weight loss – How to lose it and keep it off

I have to start by saying… You are enough. You don’t have to hit a number on the scale to be worthy. But if you are tired of being exhausted and never feeling like you have enough energy, you are in the right place. Set realistic goals You aren’t going to go from lifting 3Continue reading “Weight loss – How to lose it and keep it off”

Loft – Up to 40% off + Extra savings

I’m all about deal and it sounds like with the shipping issues that we might hit this year, stores are starting to drop big sales early! Loft is running a huge sale right now that can end up landing you buy two, get one free on things that are already 40% off! I do makeContinue reading “Loft – Up to 40% off + Extra savings”

Confidence – Why we doubt

Confidence isn’t gained overnight. It’s not simply telling things to yourself until you believe it. You have to break through the doubts that you have and get to the root of why. I am sharing the things in my past that I doubted about myself and had to really work through. On top of that,Continue reading “Confidence – Why we doubt”

The Ultimate Working Mom Hack

I sit here cooling down from a workout and am thinking about my priorities and goals. Goals are simply the tangible actions to work on your priorities. For example, I have a priority to be a good mom – loving, caring, strong, teaching. Within that, I have goals. I will spend focused time with myContinue reading “The Ultimate Working Mom Hack”

Ann Taylor Labor Day Loft Clearance

I love Ann Taylor Loft! They have things that work for everyday or work and then a killer Lou & Grey loungewear line! There is 70% off sale items right now. This is the time that I buy the most from Loft! I can’t share it again later when I wear it because I snaggedContinue reading “Ann Taylor Labor Day Loft Clearance”

Nordstrom Sale Zella Workout Deals

I love Zella workout items! They hold up and are so comfortable! There are my top picks. I have the light grey from last years NSale and they are still in pristine condition and cozy soft! I work out in their leggings. I run around town in their leggings. I throw them on for theContinue reading “Nordstrom Sale Zella Workout Deals”

Nordstrom Half Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom sale is often full of great deals! There are some things that are consistently my favorite. Zella – if you haven’t tried this activewear brand, the quality is great and the sale prices are so good! They have pocketed leggings and great sports bra options along with athleisure jackets and shorts. Shop hereContinue reading “Nordstrom Half Anniversary Sale”