The best sunscreen

Sunscreen feels like it should be simple. We have be at this for a long time as humans, ya know?

But here I am. Simply knowing that “all the good moms get mineral sunscreen”. If you haven’t been around enough to know that I am a single mom to a five year who is flying by the seat of her pants while trying to raise a good human, Hi!

I’m not the expert in this but I am trying to learn. There is a site (EWG) that does research on products as well so I am included the products that they mark approved.

I asked you guys on IG over at @hackingtheworkingmom for your favorite sunscreens and this is what I got:

Sun Bum mineral

This also wasn’t on the EWG list, positive or negative. However, their face stick and oil was. Interesting!

I feel like my skin should be protected as well as people want to protect their baby’s skin!

Sun bum Baby 50 SPF – Amazon

Babo botanicals

The baby sunscreen and the adult show up on the EWG site for solid sunscreens!

50 SPF baby from Amazon

Think baby

This isn’t on the EWG site either but came from a momma that I trust. I grabbed this one to try to.

Think Baby – Amazon


This looks so fancy!!! Originally, I wanted to grab the bronze to try because if something can make me look tan and be sunscreen, that’s a win. It’s 50 SPF and water resistant for 80 minutes.

However, that mess is $46… I wanted to try it though. I will report back!

They have a lot of facial options including one that is powder and looks pretty cool.

Grab them from the Colorescience site for a subscribe & save option:

Original SPF 50 Sunblock – Colorescience site

Bronze SPF 50 Sunblock – Colorescience site

Or Amazon because it’s easy (what I did…):

Original SPF 50 Sunblock – Amazon

Bronze SPF 50 Sunblock – Amazon

Other brands

There were more great brands mentioned! Here are the ones that I didn’t purchase.

  • Alba
  • Target brand
  • Beautycounter
  • Young Living
  • Blue Lizard

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