Nordstrom Sale Zella Workout Deals

I love Zella workout items! They hold up and are so comfortable!

There are my top picks. I have the light grey from last years NSale and they are still in pristine condition and cozy soft! I work out in their leggings. I run around town in their leggings. I throw them on for the days that I pretend I am going to work out and then end up not.

In the image, you will see all the color options as well that are available for the items and all at the sale price!

The easiest way to shop all of this is by looking at the app. You can follow me and see what I post across multiple brands and easily “Click to shop”! I get a small commission off what you purchase that allows me to prepare these shopping lists for you!

Zella Leggings

The quality of the leggings is thick and sturdy! The grey ones that have the pockets are my favorite pair to wear around the house due to how soft they are!

I love the bright colors of the orange legging but there are great neutral options with the mauve, brown and black.

Sports bra

The sports bra that is pictured above is flattered as it is a little more like a crop top but still breathable and flattering. This is a great way to work out in just a sports bra but cover more skin if that makes you more comfortable!

Activewear Jacket

I own a jacket similar to the one above and it’s wonderful in the fall with transition weather or on nights that are cooler after a summer day. It is light weight and breathable!

Girlfriend Collective

I haven’t tried this brand before but it’s made of recycled water bottles and I’m going to give it a shot!!

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