Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is officially a month away and FOR ONCE I am on my A-game with a gift guide. This stems from the fact that I probably want most of the things that dad’s want for Father’s Day. I’ll take all the tech gifts and coffee warmers.

There are two options in regards to the items that I gathered, but they are all from Amazon and so convenient to send even if the father you are buying for isn’t local!

The serious stuff:

Men aren’t know for their organization skills, typically. This bag is a great way to organize their self care items (because guys need it too) in a high quality bag.

I bought my father in law one of these for Christmas a year or two ago and he has LOVED it! He loved it so much that I ended up buying my own.

This is the perfect item for any desk! But then again… maybe fathers always get to drink warm coffee? 😉

These are easier to size than other shoes and great for wearing around the house or slipping on to run out the door.

The perfect gift for a whiskey lover! Handmade design and classy.

If you are more into the silly stuff for the gifts, here are a few things as well!

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