Is the Baby Foot peel really worth $25?

Maybe you have heard of this product? Maybe not. When I saw it for the first time, I thought there is no way I am doing that!!! But given six months of social distancing and I started to change my tune. I wasn’t going to get a pedicure so I needed to figure out how to have soft feet.

THIS THING IS THE BOMB! It’s not the cheapest but it leave my feet feeling better than any pedicure that I have ever had.

How does it work?

There are two bags in the product to put your feet it. You simply place one foot in each bag and find something to watch on Netflix for an hour! Do make sure that you get the product all over your feet – including the tops!

Watch over the next 1 – 2 weeks as your feel peel. And I mean PEEL! The instructions tell you not to pick at it, though it’s hard not to. You can get the product here on Amazon.

Is there a knock off that works too?

I wanted to take a short cut so I ordered one set off Amazon that was a 2 pack for $30. Not worth it… I set with my feet in those booties for an hour after what was at least two weeks of me forgetting to do it. It’s been two days and my feet haven’t started peeling at all.

Don’t look for another option. Stick with the tried and true!

UPDATE: I guess I spoke to soon. I did my workout with this new one barefoot on my rug and oh. my. goodness. My feet are PEEELING! WOO HOO!!! This knock off is doing just as good of a job. Give it at least four days to start peeling, which is fair because it says 1-2 weeks for all the peeling.

This is the other one I tried. You can get it here.

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