Loft Sales – 60% off, extra 20% on tops and FREE SHIPPING with no minimum

Loft’s sales have been out of control good. I am thrilled that even though they declared bankruptcy, they are revamping and are going to stick around.

Right now, not only is everything 60% off with code CYBER, it is an extra 20% off tops and free shipping with no minimum! That’s insanity.

Here are my picks! There is so much more available. Make sure you check out the sale section too because that’s an extra 60% off!


Smocked Yoke Bubble Hem Top $49.50 $15.84

Ribbed Racerback Outfit-Making Tank $22.50 = $7.20

Striped Dolman Shirt $54.50 = $17.44

Something in me adores this shirt! You can wear it untucked for a cute summer vibe or half tucked for a little more of a styled look!

Ruffle Sleeve Linnen Tee $29.99 = $12

I have this top and love it! It’s effortless to throw on but has some flare.

Hoodie Top $54.50 = $17.44


Lou & Grey Signature Softblend Sweatpants $59.60 = $27.80

I gifted a pair of these to my mom and mother-in-law last year. They are SOOO GOOD.


Sunglow Stretch Bracelet Set $29.50 $11.80

Coin charm Necklace $34.50 = $13.80

Sunglow Drop Earrings $29.50 =

Braided Satin Headband $19.50 = $7.80

Floral Necklace $29.99 = $12

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