I want to be present

This article starts with a sigh. If you follow our craziness on Instagram (@hackingtheworkingmom), things can often look ideal or at least really good. And to be honest, most days it is, all things considered! But as a working mom and in the middle of the crazy world that we currently live in, saying this is hard doesn’t even cover it.

I am torn between finding things outside of my son to ensure I feel like a human and not just a mom to balancing the desire to do other things when hanging out with him. It’s a weird struggle to have two things equally important, but at the end of the day, as a mom, I am ten times more likely to chose my child over myself.

I don’t have this figured out. I have days that I feel like super mom and others where I realize that I am constantly on my phone and looking to entertain myself in a short attention span instead of engaging with the four year old right in front of me. On the best days, those are the moments that I try to purposefully “lose” my phone on the dining room table and walk away.

I do know that if I show up for myself early, before my son is awake, I get the opportunity to work out and challenge myself. By challenging myself to show up for myself and remember that I am more than just a mom, I am able to enjoy the time with my son with a clear head. I am not as worried about all the mess and I am able to focus. On the days I don’t do that, I am easily irritated and just exhausted. Funny how not working out makes me exhausted??

I am thankful for the little moments. I am thankful for the opportunity to be his mom. I hope I never lose that perspective.

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