Loft 4th of July Sales

There have been multiple orders I have placed with Loft in the last few months that have my jaw dropping! I am going to share what I personally ordered along with a link to all the cute options that I saw and loved!

The best deal by far is the items that are already on sale, and the majority have good sizes in stock! When you buy four items, you get 70% off!!!

Shop it all in one place

What I ordered from Loft

These sunglasses (link) were too cute to pass up for a grand total of $6!

They aren’t my typical style but they look so fun and summery that I am willing to try to pull them off!

If you have never owned anything Lou & Grey, you should. They have my favorite joggers (linked here) that are like butter on your skin and so flattering. They have a great pink color as part of the 70% off in some sizes and the rest are 50% off.

This linen top (link) at less than $8 will be a staple in my closet!

I had a necklace similar to this from love with pink flowers and got constant compliments on it!

A statement piece (link) like this goes great with the simplest of outfits and elevates it. Not bad for $10.

The best trick that I have learned from bloggers is that it isn’t complicated. It is an expression of what you love! And you can’t have enough staple pieces.

I ordered this one in white and the shimmer gold at $13.50 a piece (link). Sweater tanks can be worn almost year round and make whatever you wear them with look effortlessly good!

Less than $9! Guys…. this is an awesome shirt for work when I eventually am at client’s again! The deal was just too good to pass up. (link)

It’s available in a floral dot and a bouquet mixed pattern as well that land at the same price point!

I have been eyeing these linen pants! (link) They are cute with so many things – flip flops, heels, on the beach, around the house, chasing a kid! They were already in my cart and I was thrilled to get 70% off the current price.

They aren’t quite as much of a steal but still not bad for just under $20!

Note: Some of these items might be final sale. If that is the case, make sure you like what you get and know it will fit well!

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