Loft Sales for Summer!

Fourth of July is just around the corner and with that comes awesome sales!

I have never been one to love white pants. I have a four year old. What am I thinking??? But today, I slipped into my favorite pair of white jeans because I own too many blue t-shirts to not own white jeans. They are effortlessly a good outfit.

All the items in the link, you can mix and match with the exception of the color block halter that wouldn’t go well with the linen pants. Too much flowy 🙂 But it would look incredible with the white jeans!

In case you aren’t feeling the white pants, there are a comfy and cute pair of khaki shorts instead!

Here is the outfit I threw on today and my silly pup made a sneak appearance. You can shop these jeans by clicking the image along with a few similar shirts.

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