Easy gel nails at home

This one can be intimidating but long before Covid, I was doing my gel nails at home. I love getting my nails done but there are two problems – it’s pricey and it takes so much time out of the house!

There are two brands I use in this video and both serve a purpose! Gelish is a solid choice all around. It lasts a long time and the quality is great! Gel Len is so affordable, but I don’t think it lasts quite as long with that base and top coat. I use the Gelish base and top coat typically and a Gel Len color in between.

I linked the products that I used below. The LED light that I have is years old and not available anymore but I linked a good one that is reasonable and great! Make sure you get a LED lamp instead of UV as it takes half the time to cure your nails.

If you have any questions, make sure to comment below and if you do your nails, post a picture!

Products used:

Gelish Nail Surface Cleanser

Gel Len polish set

Gel Len base and top coat (most affordable option)

Gelish basics set (ph bond, base, top and nourish)

                The Ph Bond goes on after cleansing and before the base just around the edges of the nail bed.

Gel UV/LED lamp

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