Weekly Target Round Up

I love Target. I love it enough that I think I got Eli loving it at a young age. He said when the coronavirus is over, the first place he wants to go is Target. We went last Saturday to pick out a toy because he had birthday money. He masked up and we were good to go!

He picked PJ Mask toys (Owlette’s vehicle , Gekko’s vehicle, and the PJ Mask headquarters) that he has played with for hours already this week! Next on his list is the cat boy car too. But he is going to have to get going on those chores to earn the money for it!

I am working on redoing Eli’s bedroom now that we almost have it fully painted in dark blue! I wanted a nightstand so he can put his water and such on now that he is getting older. I didn’t want to spend a ton though because they are nightstands (linked here) in a four year old’s room. These were a great price and look awesome! They aren’t the fastest to put together but weren’t horrible.

Cooking gets old. With businesses all in different stages, I have been cooking way more at home than typical. With that, I needed new ideas. There are plenty online, but there is still something nice about a good cookbook! This one came highly recommended and has been awesome! There are two recipes that I have cooked out of it so far and it’s so fast and good (they are blog posts from this week – Taco Salad with Mexican Crema and Instapot Jerk Chicken with Jicama Slaw). This cookbook has been awesome and it’s way cheaper than eating out even one extra time.

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