Woven Hanging Baskets Comparison – Office Decor

I moved into my house right before covid hit. Between moving, a three year turning four, Walt coming into town and trying to unpack, I tore my ab and the house is just still in shambles, at least to me. My office is a hot mess and I spend 8+ hours a day in here between my normal full time job and whatever else I need a computer for. I am working on a very sparse well and a very messy office.

I love the look of hanging baskets and want to do some to the right of the current succulent wall (linked here) piece that I have (there is small and large, but mine is the small).

When I went to look for basket wall art, I was shocked at the price tag! The ones I loved the ones at Pottery Barn (linked here) but they were a little bigger than I needed and I didn’t want to spend that amount of money.

World Market always has wonderful pricing and great options! I liked the look of this set but the sizes weren’t as different between the three as I wanted.

I went with three I found on Amazon (swirl basket, blue basket, star basket). I was surprised that they had way more options than other sites. I will put pictures up here and talk through the quality when they come in later this week on Instagram at @hackingtheworkingmom.

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