Playroom organization in progress

One of the main reasons that I moved, other than the fact that we are 5 minutes from a set of grandparents, is that this house has a playroom! The coveted playroom. Where all of E’s things can be all over the place and I won’t have to look at it often.

Downside: I want the whole thing to be organized because there is the possibility that it could be!

It will be a work in progress but the area with all the main clutter organized, I couldn’t help but share. These containers were a splurge, but there are some other options listed below as well. I’ll make sure to update you when I get it completed one day.

If you haven’t gotten inspiration from The Home Edit, check them out at the container store and Instagram. These are the containers that I got and they are a perfect fit in the cube drawers that have been slung around in my last few homes. They are wonderful for everything from legos, to play food, to fireman costumes. We have a rule that we can pull one drawer out at a time. Sometimes that sticks.

The best comparison I can find comes in a 6″ x 6″ x 6″ variety with multiple options on open boxes, four drawers, or two drawers.

For the dose of reality, the playroom typically looks like a tornado went through it and here it’s half presentable – Iron Man balloon from E’s birthday included.

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