Quarantine Birthday and a Balloon Arch

When your kid is getting a year older, you want to give them the world! It’s a little harder when you can’t walk through stores easily and set expectations or let him pick out what the little things like plates because of the current pandemic. So I resorted to Amazon for all the party supplies and found some killer options!

I had also ordered a cake topper on Etsy and the shipping was delayed. I was relieved that I had purchased a cake kit off Amazon as well as I intended to make a simple cake and it had all I needed at a lower price than buying the items individually.

I did grab a few items like a helium tank from Party City as well and it was shipped!

One of my favorite pieces of the party was the balloon arch (linked here)! I looked at purchasing the balloons separately and this deal couldn’t be beat.

Tips for making a balloon arch:

1. Get a kit or make sure your balloons are different sizes. You can do some of this by how much you blow them up.

2. Don’t be afraid to move the balloons around. Balloon tape is easy to work with and you can blow up a bunch and then attach and reattach them.

3. Just do it! Don’t sweat each individual color you are picking out and look for a pattern. Blow them up. Throw them on there and go with it!

I tied it to the window using balloon string on the window locks! It worked out well. It was difficult to use the “balloon glue” and I didn’t have a command hook on hand. Next time, I would make sure I have a few command hooks on hand to hand it with the clear string.

The Cake

I had originally planned or trying to get as close to a perfect Pintrest cake as I could. Custom cakes can cost anywhere from $50 – $400 and I didn’t want to spend that higher range. I ordered a topper on Etsy that end up not coming in in time…. So I pivoted and iced iron man on top of the cake using the items that come in this cake kit (linked here)!

The small things!

The rest of what I needed were things you don’t think about when you pick up balloons. I needed balloon weights (linked here) and a bounty of balloons (gold and red linked here)! The best balloon was the life size Iron Man (linked here).

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