Toy deals during Quarantine

I can’t be the only one that goes from 100% fine and enjoying being with my son more and not traveling to absolutely crazy. Tonight began with every pillow off the couch so we could pretend the floor was hot lava. It evolved into no where to sit during dinner as we often sit on the couch currently since moving and a dog that jump on the couch trying to eat all the food.  When I got up to take the dog out, I splashed  into a puddle of dog pee on my new hardwood floors. Angry doesn’t cover it.

Rational me knows that Jackson, our Schnoodle, is a six month old puppy who is going to have accidents. She was doing so well!

When I got an email from Brad’s Deals tonight with some awesome deals on toys, I couldn’t help but click order. I have full intention to hide these away in my closet and give them to Eli for his birthday in May. However, if I get desperate, they are good options for a rainy quarantine day.

Stay safe out there!

Marble Run

My son loves all things small and tedious but putting this together looks pretty cool! It’s currently on sale for $24.99.

105-Piece Kids STEM Marble Run Coaster Track Toy Set

Magnetic Tile Race Car Track

I love that this mixes the vibe of the magnetic tiles with the race track and then adds in two light up cars! There are a lot of toys out there like this.  With code BDSTEM, this comes out at $49.99.

105-Piece Kids Magnetic Tile Car Race Track STEM Building Toy Set w/ 2 Cars

4 Player Laser Gun Set

These got stellar reviews and are something I expect we play with for a long time. Boys. This three year old ball of energy can run, climb and bounce for days! This will be a fun way to get some of that energy out.  With code BDFUN, these come to $39.99.





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