A house is not a home

I have lived in four states over the last five years and made some big moves. Philly to Indiana to Baltimore (with a summer in Nashville) and then the move to Nashville.  Becuase we were planning to stay in Baltimore 5-7 years and then landed “permenantly” in Nashville (is there even such a thing as permenant?), we bought a home each time.  The Baltimore house was  beautiful  but hell to sell.  The Nashville house is gorgeous but with some life changes, doesn’t fit for location.  The irony being that it is hands down the best location in Nashville to live! You can get anywhere in 15 minutes and you can walk to great coffee (three different great shops), incredible food, happy hours, and the list goes on.  There is a dog park and playground in walking distance. The neighbors are nice and you still get a little bit of a yard.

It feels like the final stage in a new era, even if I am not sure how long the era will last.

This is a home that I will definitely miss and I hope the next occupants enjoy it as much as we have.

Home is where family is.  To get corny, home is where the heart is. And this was a wonderful home for the year that we had it. But the house itself, is not the home.

1810B 5th Ave N Nashville

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