Top Amazon items for January

I use all the online things – Amazon, Shipt, Whole Foods delivery, Target. With full time work, a three year old, and a Schnoodle puppy, I don’t have much time to figure out my groceries, dog food, house décor, organization, and the list goes on.

love Amazon. I do my due diligence and shop for the best price, but more often than not, it comes from Amazon. In Nashville, I can often get free one day shipping with Prime. That doesn’t even bring into the conversation that I use Prime for 90% of the tv that my toddler watches.

Here are my favorites that I got this month to help make things work.

1 – Dog toy for Jackson

This dog LOVES to chew and run and jump and all things puppy.  Because of that, I have tried so many toys.  I can hear her currently squeaking on this toy as I type. And it’s Such a good price! Thanks @sweetteawithmadi!

2 – Electrolyte drink mix

This one came from @theramblingredhead on Instagram. One, she is hilarious and my favorite account to follow. But I am trying hard to drink enough water. This truly helps! And I tried a few things — large water bottles, apps to track it, reminders on my phone.  I look forward to drinking this. It says one scoop per water bottle, but I only do a half scoop for every 24 ounces.

3 – Lego boards (off brand)

This was part of Eli’s Christmas gifts! We got these on Amazon, but when I got them, they were a lower price. Probably worth waiting and checking on a price drop.  If you have never used the browser add in Honey, you should check it out! It tracks that for you!  They stack on top of each other or you can make a whole table into a lego table by just placing them side by side.

4 – Melissa & Doug paper roll

This is currently on sale!  I was looking at getting something similar from Pottery Barn and this price point was so much better! The replacement rolls come in a pack of 2.  It’s coloring entertainment for a long time!

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