Christmas 2019

The holidays are one of my favorite times of year. It used to start at Thanksgiving, but since having Eli and trick or treating being a thing, it really starts in October.

Walt, Eli’s dad, was in town for the holidays and we couldn’t have been happier to have him here!

Eli was fighting an ear infection from the beginning of Christmas week, which made it harder all around for patience and lead to faster meltdowns. Overall, he was a trooper and I got extra snuggles.

Eli has been asking Santa for a pink car for weeks. It was the only thing he truly wanted and he was consistent about. Naturally, he took Jackson for a spin.

One set of grandparents really went all out and bought the gift below. They got it off Amazon though they didn’t pay the price tag that I saw when I looked last 😳

Here’s a few more photos from Christmas!

Naturally, we made the coffee rounds with family in Nashville. We tried Falcon out and it was pretty good. The atmosphere was nice and having outside space is a big plus since we have a puppy. My family raved on the food and the avocado toast I snagged a bite of was delicious.

One of Eli’s favorite things to do is walking somewhere instead of driving. Most times when we are ready to leave for anything, he asks if we can walk there. He’s a city boy since it’s all he knows! We did dinner last night at GrillShack in Salemtown, our neighborhood in Nashville.

With it being New Year’s Eve, the holidays are wrapping up! We don’t have any big plans here but to enjoy time with each other and make a few drinks 🍸 I will post something this week about resolutions and goals for 2020!

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