Instapot for the win! Barbacoa beef

Some days, you win and others you just take different! Today was a little bit of both. I told myself yesterday I would be in bed earlier and set goals and pull up my boot straps and knock things out. Today was a day of a million tasks and ending with a feeling that left me unsure if I actually accomplished anything. Tonight looked a lot like me pouring a glass of wine and turning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon prime video and just enjoying the feeling of relaxing. Well… almost as I still had my computer out for work but was doing a little of both and didn’t go to bed until 12:30 am. As a traveling, working mom with a three and a half year old, Mrs Maisel resonates with me on so many levels. Tonight’s favorite (and in my opinion not a spoiler) was the ridiculous itinerary she hands out for the schedule of her children while she is traveling. My child literally has a packed carry on when I leave for two days.

Cute photo from tonight just because.


I bought an instapot with the rest of the world on Black Friday and so far… I’m pretty impressed!

Here’s the recipe I made tonight.

In typically fashion, I completely forgot the bay leaves and I didn’t have the crushed cloves, but it was still delicious! I put a few videos of it being made in my Instagram highlight titled Instapot (@leah2486). As I try more this week and whatever else is good, I will add them there and throw something up here.

Best parts of an instapot:

  • It’s sooooo much easier to clean!! Things didn’t sit in it for hours just cooking.
  • It’s so fast. I never remember to crockpot in the morning
  • The flavor was good! Might have been the sear but still!
  • It’s a one pot meal! Okay maybe this is because for sides my son had raw broccoli and cheese, but there needs to be a little balance here.

This turned out delicious!

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