Amazon favorites!

While sitting and waiting on a form to compile and crossing my fingers that it won’t have any errors…. I wanted to put together some of the things from Amazon that I love — either because they are a good deal, make our lives easier or it’s toy that E loves to play with.

What are your favorite things to get on Amazon?

1. This is the most convenient thing that I get from Amazon on subscribe & save.  We get the sensitive because it seems like E’s skin does better with it!

Pampers Sensitive Wipes

2. This is another subscribe and save item! When you have multiple things in your monthly shipment, you get an extra discount! I buy these anyway and this is about the lowest I get them in price.

Cascade Complete Dishwasher tabs

3.  You might be able to find these a little cheaper elsewhere, but I have them in my auto ship and they stay together well and have a pleasant smell.

Glad Hawaiian Aloha trash bags

4.  It takes some serious convincing to get E to take a bath… And even then, I typically can’t get him to actually sit in the tub.  He has the most fun with these tablets when he can mix the colors! These are half the price of the Crayola brand!

Color changing bath tablets

5. I have linked this book before but it really is my favorite!
Practical Paleo

6.  I am a big fan of toys that E can grow with and play multiple ways – especially if it is imaginative!  He had these at school and loved them so much, we got them for the house.

Smart Max Start Magnetic blocks

7.  E has loved this game! He wants to play it every day and lets us know that he wants the “Boo (blue) game” or “Purple game” depending on the color that he wants to play for the day.  It helps teach memory, colors, animals, food, shapes, and more!

Seek-a-Boo Game

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