Week of July 30th Meals

Here is the run down on what we have planned for the week!  A lot of these are from the cookbook Practical Paleo from Amazon.  We have the paperback version. It’s a thick paperback and will hold up well!  There is also an extra $1.40 coupon on Amazon for it currently.

Sunday – Italian style Stuffed Bell Peppers from Practical Paleo

Monday – Green sauce marinated steak & plantain bowl from Practical Paleo.

If you haven’t ever cooked plantain chips, you are missing out! These have a little cinnamon and coconut oil.

Tuesday – Chicken stir fry with Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce over sautéed cauliflower rice.

We don’t have a recipe for this. We cook cubed chicken with salt and pepper, sauté some veggies and throw it all together with the TJ sauce. Typically it’s over cauliflower rice (which is crazy easy to make!!)

Wednesday – Souvlaki kabobs from Practical Paleo.

These are delicious and easy! We have made them once before and just throw it all on a sheet pan and roast it instead of putting it on skewers.

Thursday – Prosciutto & caramel iced onion burgers with roasted garlic aioli.

We are modifying this one a little to work with the groceries that we have. We are skipping the prosciutto and doing ground chicken instead of beef.

Friday – Unplanned! Maybe this will be pizza 🙂 A girl can dream.

We do have cauliflower pizza crusts from our local grocery store (Giant) and they are good! If you guys are interested in the brand, let me know and I can grab a photo and add it to Instagram.  I hear that Trader Joe’s has a good frozen cauliflower crust too!

Happy Sunday night! Here’s to a good week.

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