Chicken chili

Lately, we have been pretty successful in having homemade healthy and yummy food! This is due to a few different factors. The largest one being that my husband made it a priority for himself and has spent multiple evenings cooking some sort of delicious breakfast and putting it in the fridge for the week (pumpkin pancakes, maple and blueberry sausage, zucchini pancakes – just to name a few). This is from an awesome cookbook that has delicious options in it!! We don’t do Paleo but try to go grain free and mainly meat and veggies.  If you are interested in it, the recipe book is below.  I own very few cookbooks because there are so many good options online.  But this one is worth it.

Practically Paleo – Amazon

Dinner tonight wasn’t planned but I had bought a rotisserie chicken in my once a week grocery run. I got it to be able to have an easy meat for lunches.

End of the week rolls around… we are running out of groceries.

We had enough for this delicious chicken chili that we have made one other time. Check it out! It is Keto. In general, we don’t do Keto as a eating plan so we aren’t in ketosis or what not but they have some pretty good splurge meals for us!

So easy! Especially if you have a rotisserie chicken. We went with queso fresco to top it off.

Recipe for Shredded Chicken Chili

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