Who has time for healthy?

It will be interesting to see how long this blog post is considering the point is not one has time for it. 5 minute clock starts now.

As a human being, we try to take care of ourselves. As a human being, we are told we are supposed to take care of ourselves.  And if we do, we reap the benefits!

I am so far from having this one figured out but I do have a few recipes that I love and are good for you.  After that, I am begging for all the suggestions!

Before kids, this was difficult enough.  When it’s just you or you and a significant other, you still have to buy groceries, cook food, and work out.  You can make the time to work out enough that your late night wings and alcohol consumption doesn’t hurt the scale.

Then children.

I feel like alcohol calories should magically not count for people that have kids. (I may or may not be drinking the rest of the fancy mother’s day limosa mix that Walt put together right now)

Now grocery shopping is done with the child in tow or during time that you would gotten to sit down and just chill.  There are services that will delivery your groceries.  There are meal kit deliveries.  You will see these soon in another blog.  I have tried almost all of them, and still use some of them. This, of course, assumes that you actually know what groceries you need to buy for meals.

I’m not even going to address exercise…. I carry around my 35.4 lb two year old.  Does that count?

I will leave you with just these. Here are some of the hits in my house that are good for you and don’t take an hour to make, because who has time for that?

  • Loaded BBQ Sweet potato nachos
    • These are SOOO good! These are my favorite right now. I have forgotten to put the chicken in the crockpot every time.  You can cook the chicken however you want! We have poached, boiled and pan cooked it.
    • Find a Trader Joes! They are a gift to all people everywhere, and I would say especially parents.  Not everything there is good for you, of course, but it’s a small store so you can get in and out quickly and they have a lot of great items that are fast recipe helpers!
      • Those sweet & spicy jalapenos!!!! YUM!
      • Side note: For little ones, I don’t put the Sriracha sauce on their chicken.  It’s decently hot.
  • 20 minute Mexican burrito skillet
    • Quick, easy, delicious and I typically can make this with what I have on hand

What are the go to meals for you?


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