My favorite items

Practical. If I am nothing else, I believe I am a pretty practical person. When we moved from South Bend, I tried to sell or donate every item that we didn’t use in the two years we lived there. I’m still trying to purge my life of the things we don’t use.

There are a few things that make my life so much easier! Side note – this sat in drafts with one hack for about two months. What am I thinking trying to write a blog while trying to keep up with life?!?

Item #1

The wireless Dyson. I am all about deals so I waited until this sucker was on a GOOD sale. But it’s incredible. Light weight. Picks up the mess. I actually don’t loathe using it! Seriously, start saving and get you one.

Item/Service #2

SHIPT! I don’t use this every week but they just started in my area so I got the year membership for $50. Target just bought Shipt and they deliver whatever you need from Target or a few other stores depending on your location (Publix is typically one for my southern friends). With $35 spent, it’s free delivery and typically within 2 hours or less! On the many night we don’t have what we need for dinner and don’t have time to go to the store, this has saved us! Think diapers and wipes!

Item #3

This is another big ticket item, but guys…. I love my washer and dryer. If you are able, find one that spins when it’s done washing so when your brain is fried and you forget about laundry for 24 hours, it’s still fresh and not mildewed! Also, get one that holds your laundry detergent!!! I put detergent in my washer about once a month!! It’s awesome.

Item #4

Find a way to care for yourself. I’m horrible at this. You should see the state of my toes and feet right now. I have gotten a pedicure or cared for my own toes maybe three times since Eli was born…. He will be two on the 29th! I’m taking my own advise on this as I sit here with this incredible mask on as I type. I look forward to using this. It works wonders on your skin!

Item #5

Fresh Market Tuesday’s!!! Good chicken that’s antibiotic free and delicious is $2.99 a pound for chicken breasts. Yes, I know you can find some chicken on sale for less but I’m used to buying antibiotic free goodness around $6 a pound, which is what it typically is at Fresh Market. Check it out! You will be glad you did!

If you made it this far, what items do you love?!? I’m always looking for new ways to make life as a working mom a little easier.

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